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IDX-Buzz the multilanguage IDX App makes it easy to promote your listings to the world

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Welcome to Real-Buzz Pro!

Welcome to Real-Buzz

Real-Buzz is the leading platform for International Real Estate Professionals

You want to Network with colleagues and with customers but you don't want to mix them together.

However, neither Facebook nor LinkedIn was designed to keep your two vital networks separate. A chief concern with Facebook? Inadvertently introducing your client to your colleague!

Real-Buzz is the answer.

Real-Buzz offers two ways for you to Network: one with other real estate professionals, the other with clients and prospects.

Best of all, you do both from your Home page in Real-Buzz.Read More about Global Real Estate »

Your Connection to Buyers

The real purpose of Networking is to get to that happy moment when a home buyer is congratulated and commission checks are deposited.

The Real-Buzz Client Networking channel is designed to help you make that happen.

In Real-Buzz you have a Page, just like on Facebook. Consumers see and connect with your Page in Real-Buzz and see your message customized just for them.You put the message on your Page that you want buyers to see and can show other information on your " for professionals only" profile where you network for referrals.

Read More about Global Real Estate »